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Digital and Internet Marketing Strategies That Build Your Brand Funneling Highly Qualified Leads/Customers Into Your Business Properties.

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You'll benefit from our experience in creating the highest returns on invested marketing dollars.  

We employ the same successful strategies for our own eCommerce websites and other properties. We are also affiliates for some of the largest programs in the industry.  Thus we know how to generate traffic and phone calls. 


Proven Approaches

Customized Strategies

We Market, So You Can Focus on Business 

Data Driven Results, Return on Investment, Trust


Strategic Partnerships 

This simple concept is the means to expand and enhance your company’s ability to penetrate new markets, generate ad-on business, gain access capital and distribution channels. Leverage that any business can utilize.

eCommerce Consulting

You get our experience of selling physical products on the largest platforms in the world, and on smaller niche sites. You benefit from approaches that get results.

Traffic Generation

Using multiple sources of traffic allows a more consistent flow of eyes on your offers, websites and web properties. This online multi-faceted traffic approach allows for a more predictable and consistent flow of revenue 

Affiliate Marketing

This is a mutually beneficial relationship focuses is on building campaigns with multiple sources of web traffic. We track the sources that generate the best conversions and then scale them up to maximize the ROI. 

I apply a diagnostic approach from my medial background and direct marketing proof of results, which can be successfully applied to nearly any business.

Shane Carr

INGENA Companies LLC

INGENA Companies is business marketing company started in 2004. We employ technology to achieve and magnify profitable results. The foundation of our approach is based on applying direct marketing concepts in the B2B and B2C digital market. 

We compete not by spending huge budgets on branding for name recognition alone, but through satisfied client/customer interactions. Providing quality solutions via branded products and services continues to be the key to success.  

Directly marketing to consumers and using data from testing, tracking and results guide the decisions we make for our clients as well as our own brands. This is the essential part of our approach to success. 

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